Tine Rehling / Mikkel Nordsø Duo

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Udgivet 2008
Artpeople APCD 60182

Tine Rehling – harpe
Mikkel Nordsø – guitar

1. Hidden Well (M. Nordsø)

2. Asturias part 1 (Isaac Albeniz)

3. Asturias part 2 (Isaac Albeniz)

4. Song to the Pharao kings (Chic Corea)

5. Twins (M. Nordsø)

6. On air (M.Nordsø)

7. Point of view (M. Nordsø)

8. Johnny Hungry (M. Nordsø) lytteeksempel

9. Prelude (Thomas Clausen)

10. Interlude

11. Benjamin (M. Nordsø)

Pressen skriver

”…Despite the presence of a small PA system, Nordsø’s performance with hugely talented Rehling, amid the monastic surroundings of the Aalborg Kloster, was an essentially unplugged affair (…) served up by two world-class practitioners …” Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine (England)

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